22 July 2005


If rain on dry earth doth be the rave fave smell of any Madrasi (or I should really say Chennaiwasi), I am a typical one then.

A Chennaite will surely know the value of water, its true worth.

And this from a dyed-in-the-wool Chennaite. Another to add to the list. For all such like me, the fave sound in the whole wide world will be the sound of running water. Have you ever closed your eyes and lain down on a green river bank. Have you ever listened to the water gurgling and the bird chirping quiets in the tall swaying branches of trees nearby.

And of course, to spoil that beautiful picture, have you ever gotten up double-quick when you hear a dog in the distance, because you don't want it walking (or doing anything else, for that matter) all over you.

I have!

But even today, I do not leave the tap running, feel guilty if I throw out any water and water my plants quite sparingly. And many other things, besides. Old habits dies hard. Besides, I quite can't forget how bad any sort of wastage is _ my granmother and mother have drilled that into my head quite firmly.

And this makes so much sense to me now in a universal perspective. Misuse of resources. Poverty in a world of plenty. When people are dying due to lack of food and water, who am I to waste either of them?

14 July 2005


It all went off really well, actually speaking. Except for one major disaster _ I totally and completely lost my voice for a couple of days _ those couple of days when we had the b'day party and the sahasranamam.

A really bad viral infection meant that not only was my throat swollen and painful, my voice box jammed up. With the result taht I could only manage whispers, and even that was painful.

Still, it was a very busy and very enjoyable weekend. (july 15/16/17).


But, still can't keep hoping that I will get my loud and obnoxious voice back _ God wouldn't be that cruel to me, for how else will I keep the kids in place?


The single biggest casualty of my new job _ my blog!!! Can't seem to find a couple of minutes even, most days, as the job is so full of interesting things to do, I cannot stray away even into my blog. But still, I'll do my utmost.

All of which brings me to one thing!! Why on earth didn't I veer away from my misguided journalistic path earlier! A wasted 6 years....Blessed are those who love the job they are doing. As for a career change, why ever not? The whole idea is to get out of your comfort zone and do something newer and better.....

A nasty voice in my head whispers to me that maybe, just maybe, I am rushing it. Enthusing too much. After all, it's only been a month-and-a-half in the new job and it is still the honeymoon period.

Nah, I am living for the minute. At this point of time, this is how I feel. Good enough for me and my blog.