13 October 2006

An idol to look up to!

Now there's a Hilton syndrome? Girls actually want to be like Paris Hilton - famous for being famous? That'll be the day! It already is.

Well, Paris can be famous for being famous and just that. She can make an album, sell perfumes or even film her own sex videos. Of course, she can, she's an heiress! Never mind that she says she did it all on her own. Meaning, she didn't take a cent from her poor parents. That's her version, anyway!

But will someone tell these idiotic girls that they can't be Paris (or even Nicky Hilton). Simply because they will need to have money to buy things like food, clothes etc. And to have that money, they actually need to be able to do something useful - like earn a living. Not just be anorexic and do TV reality shows - badly!


I think it must be the generation gap - but just now, a whole crowd of screaming teens, carrying (not real) knives and smeared with blood (not real again) strolled past the Wlg CBD - why? I don't have a clue.

Is it because it's Friday the 13th today!

Update: yes, it was a `Zombie Day'. It got shown on the 6pm news. It was pretty gross, according to me. But I guess it was 'fun' for many!!!!! Whatever.

5 October 2006


How could it all have gone wrong?


From the beginning, as soon as he could eat solid food, the emphasis had been on good quality vegetarian food that included a lot of fruits and vegetables (they believed in the dictum of 7 serves a day). Unlike some other families that force the issue, there was no question of getting him to eat meat in this household. They were really big on 'healthy eating'

They failed to notice the other telling signs. The fact that ever since he could walk, he hated exercising and would rebel every time he was taken out of the house. He would dig his heels in and refuse to move. And would have to be literally dragged along.

But as he was moving around fine inside the house they soon found it easier to ignore this. And as he was otherwise normally very friendly and always full of beans they figured his diet was healthy enough. To be sure, sometimes they had concerns. Was he getting enough to eat? Didn't he look a bit thin and small for his age? But everytime they overcame this by giving him more 'healthy food'. And his frame filled out satisfyingly. After all, at that age, they looked a lot better with some baby fat on them.

Till they finally took him to the doctor for his annual check-up. At first, the doctor was satisfying appreciative of their efforts. "He looks fine, look at him go," etc. Till she put him on the weighing machine.

She came back with a sombre look on her face. "Well, he weighs .... (she mentioned a figure that seemed quite reasonable to the family). But I hate to break it to you, but I have to let you know that he is overweight. In fact, he's just short of being obese. I am going to have to put him on a permanent diet. Life-long, else the prospects are not that good. Nothing sweet at all. He cannot afford to gain much more weight than this."

They stared at each other, aghast. Obese - at one-and-a-half years of age on a totally vegetarian diet? And now to be on a lifelong diet of nothing sweet? They couldn't believe it. All their good intentions, healthy food, etc had been useless. And what had they given that was sweet?

Seeing their stricken looks, the doctor hastened to add: "Not to worry, this is a very common problem in NZ. I am sure he will come right with a balanced diet. You can feed him parts of his current diet as a treat, once in a while, you know," she said, trying to soften the blow. "It's good to be aware that even natural foods contain quite a lot of sucrose."

But a life-long diet? They were shaken to the core. Still, they pulled themselves together to thank the doctor and left silently, cuddling him as they went.

The doctor shook her head as they left. She saw so many like them daily. They meant well, but in the end, they were the ones that did so much damage to the ones they loved the most. Sighing, she pulled the next case sheet towards her.....

Aauthor's note: This is a true story.

2 October 2006

Today is

Gandhi Jayanthi: Thanks to 'Lage Raho..', looks like there's a lot of interest back home. Good for the LRM team. Happy Gandhi Jayanthi.

Vijayadashami: finally, the navarathri excesses are almost finished. Found the whole haldi-kumkum scenario an uphill walk this time around, compounded by many circs and some people. Still, Happy Navarathri and Vijayadashmi.

and back-to-work-after-daylight-saving-started day. Travelled to work, feeling grumpy and disoriented. And my face was only one of hundreds of wan-looking ones. *sigh* will take a week to get used to having the clocks an hour forward......Can't wish a happy day for this one to anyone.

Still, I have to agree with what my neighbour said yesterday. "I am really looking forward to the weekdays, at least we can go and relax at work." Which, I have to admit, is so true! If you get over the Monday morning blues, then there's no place to be relaxed like work, sweet work, be it ever so humble.....