10 April 2006

Harry Potter, Spongebob and Teletubbies


Some people must be totally jobless and have nothing better to do.

That's why we have these sudden bursts of insane enlightenment from them when they liken Teletubbies and Spongebob to gays and Harry Potter books to Dark magic.

The first time I read about this (this was after Book 4 in the series was just published), I couldn't even believe it.

Now, I know that these periodic eruptions will happen again (it was someone from the Vatican this time, making this claim) and I can't be bothered to try and infuse them with any semblance of logic.

I enjoy the Potter books immensely and to me, they depict good vs evil, with good ultimately triumphing. As for reading into their sub-plots and subconsious images, allegories, etc, just to come out with something so far-fetched...count me out!

I think that maybe I am just jealous. Yes, really! I do not possess the kind of mind that looks beyond the mundane - I cannot see the intricate and invisible patterns and what they convey. I am too much a fan of calling a spade a spade, so how can I even spot the dark designs embedded in the spade and see them for what they are?

Try as I might, I can't see anything but a silly, pesky sponge with a cutely irritating laugh in Spongebob. And Heaven help me because I failed to spot the true meaning of his holding Patrick's hand.

I can still remember that when I was younger, holding someone's hand only meant that you were their friend. Now it means you are gay. Believe me, nowadays, I hesitate to hold even my daughter's hand in public......

4 April 2006

Ps and Qs

It's happened at last. We do, from now on, have to mind our Ps and Qs while blogging, as our Ministerial services department has so kindly told us. As far as the Government goes, image is everything!

Whew, at least, I can still blog (like I have anything useful to blog about is entirely a differernt matter!)


Had a nice little quake here y'day that rattled the windows quite impressively. 4.5 on the Richter and epicentre about 5 km from here. My first while on the 12th floor.