10 December 2008

Getting to the Ganga

The Himalayas are still too far away to get to this time around. But what we did get to was the Ganga. And places like Rishikesh and Haridwar, which all of which were just names I heard from my grandparents. Till now. And a huge area called Rajaji Wildlife Reserve - it was gorgeous to see so much greenery (and animals) here.

And of course, local shopping, exquisite mehendi (henna designs) done on our hands on the road, a glut of sweets....the list goes on. Only a few more days to go here, till we move down south...

5 December 2008

In Dehradun

True to form this time, even my last flight from Delhi to DDN was late. I was in a foul mood and completely exhausted.

The 40-seater small aircraft and its bumpy takeoff didn't help my mood any. Till, in the distance, I saw the first sight of the Himalayas - snow capped and extending in both directions as far as I could see. I was moved. I had never imagined that I would set eyes on the Himalayas in person in this lifetime or that it would affect me so much. It was just awesome and was so completely unexpected. Suddenly, it was as if all the hassle with getting here never even happened.

And so now, I am in Dehradun. Small city, friendly people. The house has a view of Mussorie from the front balcony. We are planning to go there soon.
It is really surprising to see what draws the attention of kids. Small N is fascinated by a brick house being built next door. She spends hours watching them lay the bricks in a row, putting cement on top and then moving on to the next row. She's never seen any brick houses being built, only wooden houses in NZ.

1 December 2008

Still in Singapore

Thanks to my AKL-SIN flight being cancelled on Nov 29. Spent Nov 29 in Akl & Nov 30 in Sing. Sat around in AKL departure lounge till 5 am to be told that the flight had engine troubles that could not be rectified and that it was being cancelled.

Exhausted after two nights of hardly any sleep and now third night of the same looming up in the form of Delhi flight.

If all goes well, should reach at least 1 Dec.