22 November 2006

An exciting day at work

This is an email I received from a friend:) Honestly. Sounds like she sure is having a whale of a time!!!!

Sent so many useless emails to friends that they couldn't even be bothered to reply
Made endless cups of coffee (only for myself)
Spent an hour doing email puzzles
Polished my shoes
Cleaned my desk
Ate my way through 3 packets of crisps and two muffins
Had one lunch and four coffee breaks
Went shopping for olives
Did my grocery list
Had a hair cut
And by then, as I was exhausted with all this activity and knew I wouldn't be able to do any dinner at home, rushed out in the last 10 minutes of my working day and grabbed a couple of takeaways.

I am totally pooped. Going early to bed. And will probably call in sick tomorrow!!

Well, that's her working day. Hopefully, not a typical one. Let me tag everyone that reads this post - what's your typical working day like?

21 November 2006


Saw this poster for Dhoom 2 yesterday afternoon during a lunch time stroll! Stopped short at the sight of Ash. I knew she was in the movie and so knew it was her in the poster. Else, I would have assumed it was Mallika Sherawat. Or Mumait Khan. Or Bimbo-Whoever.
What has she done to herself?
In a way, I s'pose she looks hot and sexy.
Whatever happened to class? Crass rules!


And while walking to the rly station in the evening after work, got diverted by my friendly neighbourhood cop - one block had been cordoned off as there was a bomb scare there!!!! Bomb scares, even in this corner of the world. Terrorism is universal.

16 November 2006

There comes a time

in every blogger's life when they have to make the decision:

to write or not to write

That is the question.