29 October 2007


Is there anyone out there who loves their own mugshots? Do tell. As for me, I simply loathe mine but have to keep seeing it being published month after terrible month.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!! Only consolation? Others have to see it too;-)

25 October 2007

Gen Y in action

This was at the Diwali day celebs in Wellington, on 21 Oct, at TSB Arena. See if you can spot a familiar face or two...;-)

The youngsters performed a Carnatic music recital. They did a great job. And a lot of credit must go to teacher Jaishri and to Wlg Tamil Talkies.

Pics courtesy: WTT and Pixeload

12 October 2007

Suffering from sunlessitis and Navarathri Syndrome...

OK, enough of gray, something cheerful, colourful coming up.
There was a dance troupe from Akl that performed the Kamba Ramayanam here recently. Such a pleasure to watch, it surely was!

8 October 2007


Grey clouds of gloom hanging all over the Land of the Long White Cloud today. And at work, long faces and post mortem discussion on the ABs’ quarterfinal loss to France. The absolutely foul weather (gale force winds, rains and no sun) and Monday morning blues don’t help either…something’s gotta give soon and I am hoping it will be the weather…

Note: The Maori name for NZ - Aotearoa - means land of the long white cloud: ao=cloud, tea=white, roa=long.