21 November 2005

Windy Wellington

Was blown along to work by a gale-force wind this morning. Reached work from rly station in half my daily time!! Sometimes maybe there is soemthing to be said for the wind in Poneke!
PS: I've just looked in the mirror and take it all back. Now that I've seen what it's done to my hair.......

17 November 2005

Global warming

What really causes it?

Is it because of man and all his careless antics, unjustifiable misuse and waste of resources?

Or is it just a cycle in the Earth's life, when temperatures go up just before an Ice Age sets in?

I've read quite a lot in support of both schools of thought. And I prefer to believe the first version. For this means that at least, we have some sort of control over global warming (in spite of the United States). And that we can (maybe) do something about it, so that the world becomes a safe place (of course, I am not taking into account nuclear weapons, dictators and what-not). And that, this way at least, we will be accountable for cleaning up/reducing wastage.

But what if the second option is really the one? Scary to think how insignificant we really are. And how petty!!!

But then again, maybe some clever humans will move the entire population out of the Earth by the time that happens. Well, at least, the men can go to Mars!


I know this is such a huge problem, but just now, I can't feel very afraid. I've just had my lunch of idlis and chutney (if I willingly suspend my sense of disbelief, I can even believe that I brought them as a takeaway from Saravana Bhavan) and a huge glass of feijoa smoothie. So, I am too replete and sleepy to really care......

7 November 2005

A bit of this and a lot of that!

Just been having a bit of a blast, both at home and work.


Been into birthday surprises for friends. That organisation does take up some time and effort. But end results are well worth it at least for me. Probably need to go and ask the friends in question if they feel the same way:)


Been catching up a bit on my reading too. Read 'The Da Vinci code' by Dan Brown and 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho. Both of them are books that make you think. Not a very good lookout for a going-rusty brain like mine.....


Been watching a lot of movies too. Mostly Hindi. And luckily, only a couple of them did make me think. A couple of Tamil. And before anyone jumps the gun and thinks I am going to put my own review to add to the zillions already on the net, no, I am not. Only my comments.

My movie wishlist is reality now.
Anniyan: The only thing I want to say about it _ I appreciate director Shankar's social-mindedness and if I do come across the character Remo in real life, I'll make sure he can never open his mouth again........BLECH!

Mangal Pandey:
The movie lacked depth, but the historical background more than made up for it, in my eyes. Of course, eye candy in the form of Aamir and Toby Stephens did help. Not to take away from Aamir's brilliant performance, though. In fact, acting was definitely above average as were the sets, music etc.
Viruddh: Amitabh was simply brilliant. And Sharmila Tagore, I swear, she's better looking now, in spite of being married to the Nawab.
Now, this one deserves more than than one line. So I might well make it my next post.
Bunty aur Babli: Quite cute, at least it wasn't a goody-goody gumdrops movie!
My wife's murder: How does Anil Kapoor continue to look at though he hasn't hit his 50s?
Bewafa: When will our film-makers ever learn that kids abroad never, ever speak Hindi that way? Probably never!!! What a rotter that movie was. At least, Sush looked gorgeous.
Parineeta: Off-beat, but I liked it, especially Saif and that new girl who is Lolita in that movie (what on earth is her name? If anyone knows, pls let me know). Nice arty-type love story with a Bong background.
I only have No Entryleft among this lot, to watch. After that, it will be bandh for movies for a while, at least for Hindi ones.


Found out after a visit to the vet that Navarathri Fudge is a 'he'. But too late to change his name now, as be's become 'Navy Fudge'.


As for work, well, it's just meeting/training on and on. Sometimes, I feel that the only breaks I get in between meetings and trainings is 'work'!!!

1 November 2005

Happy Deepavali

What with floods in the South and bombings in the North, this year's Festival of Lights will be a subdued one back home.

But I am sure nothing can subdue the never-say-die spirit of Bharat for long.

A very happy, safe and prosperous Deepavali to all you who are reading this.