30 August 2006

Fact and fiction

Am reading The Ramayana by Ashok Banker (have finished Prince of Ayodhya, now onto Siege of Mithila). While this post isn't a review, guess where we found it in the library - in the science fiction section........I ask you - science fiction.......

26 August 2006

On a lazy, rainy Saturday afternoon

here I am sitting at home in perfect domestic bliss.
Only me and small N at home. She is watching TV.
And I am plodding on with my assignment.

Height of thankfulness:
that the dishes are being done and the clothes being washed even while I battle on with my assignment. Thanks to dishwasher and washing machine.
Height of laziness:
Wishing that the self-same machines would also put away the dishes once they are done and that the washer would hang up the clothes......

24 August 2006


to all the blogger pals whose sites I normally visit and whose sites used to be links on my blog. The last couple of months have been horrendously busy and I haven't done most of the things I've wanted to, including visiting blogs. It doesn't help that the home PC is down and needs to be replaced.

Also, in a moment of madness, I enrolled myself in a course and assignments for those are due shortly. Plus all the things that one usually does for kids - dance programmes, games, etc are all on at full swing. Why do I do these things?????

However, things should quieten down a bit after next week and then will try for more browsing of blogs. Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who is still visiting my blog in the hope that it is alive – it is – partially comatose, not yet dead, so your visits won't be in vain.

And since I blindly went ahead and changed the blog template, I lost all the links that I so painstakingly set up! Sigh, one more to-do to add to my never-ending list...


As an aside, if you are into Carnatic music, I recommend Sanjay Subramanyan - strongly. He was in Wlg recently and is a brilliant singer - first time I heard him and it was the best I've heard in quite a while...and we have had many famous faces singing for us during the last year...but he'd be the pick of the lot, as far as I am concerned.

And you'll just have to take my word on these two things.

17 August 2006


You can actually see them nowadays on Lambton Quay (LQ is like the Mount Road of Wlg CBD).

I still remember my first walk down LQ during lunch time, years ago. A hurrying sea of black - with a few greys and whites thrown it - that was it. That sight almost depressed me, being as I was then, so used to bright Indian colours and fashions.I instinctively turned around to look at the flowers on the roadside, riotously colourful. Probably the only colourful living things...

But all that's changed now - bright fashion has slowly been creeping into business attire. Yesterday, I saw red, greens, bright blues, yellows and even an occasional purple. And you can see long flowing skirts and more feminine fashions with beadwork, etc. Those severe, pencil thin skirts seem a thing of the past.

However, the wheel of fashion will continue turning. I am just going to enjoy this phase while it lasts....

2 August 2006

Used my leave time in July to....hold your breath...........watch a couple of movies!!!!

Superman returns
The Lake House

Thoroughly enjoyed both!!
Superman brought back really pleasant memories of college and friends back home, with whom I'd seen Chris Reeve as Superman.
Brandon Routh is just as good, if not better. And it is nice to see that Superman is now a much more than just an animated cartoon - his character is 3D - it's got some depth to it, which is great.

Lake House - probably what will be called a 'chick flick'. Who cares. Anyways, I do like Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock!

Personally, I'd recommend both!