29 July 2009

The kids are laughing like crazy when I walk in to the room.

What’s up, I say. They are watching Spongebob on TV. While some sort of demented laughter is always around when Spongebob and Patrick’s mad capers are on, this is a bit too much.

Ma, you’ve got to watch this, says big N. She drags me down to the sofa. What’s the big deal, I think. And then find out.

Spongebob and Patrick and talking in Maori. As is Squidward, Mr Krabs and everyone else. Even the Texan Sandy Cheeks!!! The voice match is near perfect. And it all sounds hilarious. Bit like Darth Vader talking in Tamil.

But then, here in Aotearoa, it is Maori Language Week now. Haere ra!