15 November 2007

My take on Om Shanti Om

Yes, I did go and see the movie! In the cinemas, no less.

In spite of the annoyingly in-your-face marketing!
In spite of the overkill of SRK’s 6-pack abs!

And I have no excuse for seeing it except that I really wanted to - see the movie, that is, not really SRK's abs - I'd seen them enough during the promos!

New girl Deepika Padukone - did someone/anyone say she’s the next Ash? Please! The girl is definitely not that. She can actually act – and well! The only similarities with Ash are that they are both from Karnatka, tall, models and look stunning.

Deepika looks even better in the movie than she did in the promos. Killer smile! She’s a winner all the way and the best thing about the movie.

The first half of the movie was hilarious and a laugh-a-minute. Although if you go to the theatre expecting OSO to be a homage to the ‘70s style-Bollywood, you’ll be in for a rude shock. It is more a satire, and there’s nothing even remotely respectful about the way the industry is portrayed – be it the ‘70s Bollywood or Kollywood. If it all wasn’t so funny, it would be downright rude.

SRK’s performance can be summed up in one word: overkill. Whether it be in either of his roles or baring his 6-pack abs (what was all the fuss about?) or doing his usual monkey antics...but you put up with it all simply because it is SRK and he does a great job of it, as usual. It's the only item number I've seen in recent movies where the 'item' is male;-)

As for the story, I found it easier to believe in the re-birth/bhooth bit than the lamebrain second half, which was so weak and so unbelievable. And there’s nothing sizzling at all between the second Deepika (Sandy) and the re-born SRK (Om Kapoor) – maybe they decided to do it that way coz Om is scared of fire so no sizzling please. Their love (for lack of a better word) appears so platonic, she could be his (much) younger sister for all it shows.

But SRK’s scenes as an egoistic superstar were really good. Although he hams, some parts are really funny. Comedy is still his forte, although he sheds bucketfuls of tears at the drop of a hat to bring out the ‘mother sentiments’ in the movie. Thank goodness he didn’t have a sister too, else we’d have been drowned in the flood.

You have all these other talented actors like Shreyas Talpade, Kiron Kher, etc in the movie. Arjun Rampal was good as the bad guy, esply in the first half. But then, pretty much every thing was good in the first half anyways. The highlight of the second half is the OSO title song that features the who’s who of Bollywood.

Bottomline is: it’s a riot of colours and music and a feast for the eyes. It’s complete and total timepass and paisa vasool. Don’t question, just sit back and enjoy the technically high-quality ride.

And, as for the story, don’t ask me – just go and watch the movie.

5 November 2007

Worth my weight in gold

If I was made of gold, then apparently, I'd be worth $US723388!!!!

I am rich...in my dreams.