15 August 2007

Happy 60th!

Just to get rid of the media-loves-only-negative-stories hype (even after all these years, I am conditioned to think I am still part of ‘media’ – how sad is that!!) here are two feel-good real-life stories. And appropriate to put them up today, I thought.
So, you think you can get any work done quickly on your PP/visa only if you give up your Indian citizenship and take on a foreign one? Because that way, it won’t be the Indian embassy that is doing the work, right? Wrong!! So, so wrong.
I had a name endorsement I needed on my PP (and I am still on an Indian PP) – and the Indian High Commission (there’s only one in NZ – in Wellington) had it done (correctly) and sent me back my PP – from my dropping off my PP to receiving the completed product – all it took was two working days!!
Go beat that! Who says our Government can’t function efficiently (at least, when there are no meddling retards masquerading as politicians to throw spanners in the works)?
Here’s one more.
Another step forward – a happy beginning at least!

Happy 60th, India! And may you have many, many more happier returns!

14 August 2007

I haven't had such a good laugh in ages: just wanted to share it around. Believe me, it'll make your day;-)


8 August 2007

3 minutes' silence

I don't know what or if it will do any good, but after reading this http://www.stuff.co.nz/4151898a10.html and much much more about this little girl, who is just the latest in a long line of horrendously-abused children, I felt, like thousands of others in NZ, that we had to do something, at least what this email (which I have reproduced below) asked:

Call for Nationwide ‘Stand’ Against Child Abuse
This Wednesday
12:12pm for 3 minutes
Family First NZ , For the Sake of Our Children Trust and the Sensible Sentencing Trust have joined together to call on all NZers to stand against child abuse this Wednesday.
They are asking NZers to stop whatever they are doing - to come out onto the street, outside the office or classroom, to stop their car or truck and stand outside their vehicle - and make a symbolic ‘stand’ against child abuse for three minutes at 12:12pm.
The three minutes represents the three short years of little Nia’s life, and the number 12 is significant as it represents the months of the year where children are abused, neglected and killed in NZ.
The three short minutes is an opportunity for each person to reflect on what each one of us can do to be part of the solution to our unacceptable rate of child abuse .
They are also requesting all radio stations to play Destiny Child’s “Stand Up For Love” during these 3 minutes. This song was the Anthem for the World Children’s Day 2005.
Please forward this message on.

There are others who feel this isn't enough, but I feel something has to be done - and if different people want to do it differently, so be it.

2 August 2007

  1. Interventionist
  2. Militates
  3. incentivised
  4. volunteerism
  5. inter vivos

These are five 'new' (to me) words that I learnt on the job yesterday.