19 February 2010

Ok: Here’s the blogolution: at least one snippet every Friday afternoon.

I am sure I’ll stick to it if only I can manage to remember it.

Here’s today’s snippety post:
When the nitpicker at work nitpicks me next time about a missing comma, extra space or full stop, it might be time to do something drastic. Such as moving to Mars! Moving him, that is.

If only...
as they used to say: If wishes were horses, beggars might ride....

12 February 2010

Past: Working week, migraine!

Present: Friday evening, migraine!

Future: long nap, and then maybe no migraine?

Suddenly I have a strange longing to be a “housewife” – the word I despised when I was 20….only, I wouldn’t call it that now. I’d call it having ME time on a regular basis.

PS: Just found out after a visit to the doctor's this week that it isn't even a migraine - it's completely stress-related! Grrrrrrrrrrr