27 February 2009

Kirikutt match...before

I am going to watch a cricket match today - this evening, 7pm onwards, local time, to be precise.

I am going to the Westpac Stadium to watch the 20/20 match between India and the Kiwis.

I can’t believe it, but I am actually excited.

The last time I saw a cricket match live was when I was in college. My good friend S and I decided to bunk a day of college and go watch the match. I didn’t even feel guilty about it as I had told Amma and she was ok with it.

But S’s dad wasn’t ok with us bunking college. He came to drop off S at my place the next morning (we had planned to meet at my place to go to the match). He was very polite and nice, but he did make it clear that he didn’t like us bunking college to go watch a match. Chastened, but still enthusiastic, we went off to watch the match at Chepauk.

That was then. This is now…and as all four of us are making it a family outing, I have nothing to feel guilty about this time around;-)

Um, I just hope it doesn’t rain.

25 February 2009

Oscars ho!

It was interesting how India and the UK both claimed ‘Slumdog’ for their own.

BBC went on and on about how it was a wonderful evening at the Oscars for Britain. ARR barely got a mention here. Gulzar got none. Resul was mentioned in passing.

And the Indian media was full of ARR and Resul and the Slumdog crew.

The bottomline is 3 Indian Oscars. Jai ho.