8 June 2010

Never too early to start

Last night, out of the blue, little N (who is all of 7 years old) said: Amma, I am sad, because K is not my friend any more (K is another girl in her class).

Why, what happened? I asked.

K said she won’t invite me over for her play day at home, said little N, looking sad.

Why did she say that, N, I asked.

Well, she said I am too Indian and that means I am too boring. So, she said she doesn’t want Indian people in her group any more, said little N, shocking me into complete silence for half-a-minute.

Well, if that isn’t one of the saddest things I’ve heard of in recent times, I then don’t know what is….

But there is something even sadder (and scarier). K is an Indian.