26 August 2010


Inspired by and dedicated to my big N:-)she is a good girl

The ball, the ball, the ball
We've been hearing about it since last Fall!

Where to look, what to buy, what to wear
And what to do with that thick black hair.

The long and the short of the ball gown
What colour should it be – pink or brown?

The moaning, the whingeing and endless texting
The decisions have to be made NOW, no resting.

Buying the make-up, the accessories,
While not forgetting other necessaries.

Working to a budget that might be shoe string
Still buying as much as that money can bring

Comparing notes with friends, all anger vented
While driving the parents almost demented.

It’s here. The big day finally dawns
Weekend it may be, but today no yawns,

Off to get the hair set in a classy top knot
Back with Mum for make-up, thanks a lot.

Then the ball: dancing,laughing with all the mates
Entirely happy since the photos have come out great

At the end, getting Dad to do the chauffeur rounds
Happily eating, for now she can put back on the pounds.

The ball, the ball, the ball
Finally, it is now all over, come this Fall!

(Quiet sigh of relief)