21 September 2009

17 September 2009

The Laddu

Who can forget the Tirupathi laddu? (certainly not me)

One of my all-time favourites. I am not sure what gives it the special taste. Others can try to make it, but they can never succeed in getting that special 'heavenly' taste:-)

So, when I found some random FAQs on the laddu here, couldn't resist putting up a post.

Haven’t been there in 10 years. Time for a visit?

14 September 2009

Some current equations

{(Many x Carnatic music practices + 3 x music stage performances)
+ (many x bharatanatyam practices + 1 x bharatanatyam performance)
+ (many x ballet practices + 3 x ballet performances)
+ [many x Navarathri vethalai paaku at friends’ houses]
+ [many x many x Navarathri vethalai paaku at home]
+ Deepavali
+ (model exams + final exams)
+ (stressed-out hubby + stressed-out teen + frantically busy seven-year old)}
– Amma =
me@now (Sept/Oct/Nov)