20 March 2012

Tag - you're it

My set of 11 questions from Shyam.

1. Which city did you visit during your first visit abroad?

Easy, Wellington. Although we had to first land in Christchurch, and then Auckland (due to bad weather), before finally arriving in Wlg,

2. What was your first impression of it?

Clean, green, empty and WINDY!

3. Your most favourite mode of transportation, and your least?

No real preferences. But probably the answer to both would be airplanes. Love them for the convenience and speed, and hate them for everything else.

4. If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Why not me?

5. Good or bad, what memory from your childhood stands out the most in your mind?

The night my Dad died.

6. Do you like soft pillows or firm ones?


7. Did you like school?

Overall, yes. But not always.

8. What would you tell your least favourite teacher, if you were to meet him/her

English teacher, whom we nicknamed Teddy. It was bad enough that she used to give her favourites good grades, but it was worse that she would mark some of the good students down, if they were not her favourites. As you can guess, I wasn’t. I would like to tell her that she almost ruined my future and career because of her partiality. Thankfully, I am pretty resilient.

9. Do you like your name? If not, what name would you give yourself?

Used to hate it intensely, as it was so common and old-fashioned, but not any more.

10. Your opinion of fund-raising balls/parties/dinners organised for/by

Waste of time: theirs and mine.

and finally

11. Got any advice for me? :)

None, because you were always wiser than me:-)

And here’s my set of questions for you, Shyam and Umm. I don’t want you two to play the game again, as you’ve already been there and done that. But just to humour me, answer my lot, please:-)

Shyam, Umm
1. Who is the guy who makes you go ‘what a hunk’ today?
2. The last book you read completely?
3. Will Akhilesh Yadav make or break UP?
4. What comes to mind when I say NZ?
5. It’s just not done to talk in Tamil in all the happening’ places in Chennai nowdays. Cool or uncool? And why?
6. Would you ever go back to live permanently in India? Why/why not?
7. Do you believe in global warming? It is just part of the Earth’s routine cycle of climate change or is it man made?
8. If you think it would make a difference to global warming, would you turn vegan?
9. What would you spend on a million bucks on, without regretting it?
10. What is your favourite perfume?
11. What is the one thing that always makes you happy?