27 November 2009

Things I wish were not associated with me

After ages, finally a post that I can do in 5 minutes. Tag from Shyam's blog.

Absent-mindedness: (In)famous for it, nowadays.

Snoring: gosh, everyone seems to have this on their list, so I don’t feel that bad to admit to this one..

Over-eating: sigh…

Laziness: enough said.

Shouting: even when I am only just talking – referring more to my volume, rather than content.

Temper: Much much better than before, but still haven’t managed to lose this friend completely.
Worrying: sometimes…but then, I am a mum, and that’s my excuse.

Bossy: only with family & close friends though, thankfully!

So there you go, the seven - oops, make that eight - deadly sins - my way!