21 July 2006

Moving on...

and today is my last day at this work.
It's been a good year - a few downs but many great ups - so overall, no regrets!
Many firsts to this joh:
First public sector experience
Attended my first powhiri (a formal, full-fledged Maori welcome) - loved it:)
Also attended a whakatau - my first (non-formal Maori welcome) - love that too.
Experienced my first hongis - Maori greeting, where you touch noses - this was a beaut blend of West and indigenous - even while we touch noses, we are simultaneously shaking hands with that person.
Oh many more actually, with the last being my farewell that is planned for today.
No doubt, I will miss some of my colleagues here acutely...

New role beckons - excited, nervous, etc. - the whole works...
Wish me luck!!

6 July 2006

Short and sweet

If Diana is Di
And Fiona is Fi
What else can Simon be
but Si!!!!!

I wonder how they will shorten their names next. Any suggestions?