22 September 2008

I managed to make time to watch Singh is Kinng on the weekend.

I wish I hadn’t. Singh isn’t the king or even a yuvraj or a manthri, but rather, a complete two-dimensional moron, who ends up getting the gorgeous girl only because it is a badly-made Bollywood movie. *snore*

Can somebody, anybody tell me how that movie became such a hit - I do have a very fertile imagination, but this one is beyond me!

18 September 2008

Dy(e)ing to design

I was at the littlie’s school last evening to demonstrate ‘India’, as their topic for this term is India. From saris to ghagras and Diwali, we talked about all that and then talked some more to the kids about henna.

Finally came the practical session, which was also the grand finale of the evening: we had to put henna on the kids’ hands. Although I can do the southie way of henna quite well (which is more basic shapes, as opposed to the really delicate northie designs), I did my darnedest best to accommodate the kids’ requests, such as hearts, butterflies, suns etc. Till it was one little boy’s turn.

Little Boy: Can I have a shape done on my hand too?
Me: (encouragingly)'Course, u can. What shape would you like?
LB: A body?
Me: A body? (struggling a bit here)Um, sure, what sort of a body?
LB: A dead body…

10 September 2008

Of xenophobes and lunatics

Such xenophobic, parochially prejudiced idiots are dangerous and should be made taboo, illegal, and certified - permanently. If you listen to him talking, then you’d think that Maharashtra is a separate country, as are Delhi, UP and the South – separate from India, that is!!! And targeting famous faces only, as that is good publicity. And we all know that any publicity for such slime is good publicity.

And Hindi films are banned in the South in Tamil Nadu? Does he even know what he’s talking about? Some of the highest grossing films recently have been Hindi movies. Talk about rabble rousers and opportunistic politicians! Disgusting!

3 September 2008

Is it…? Yes, it is Ganesha, but not as we know him

The pits. PC gone crazy. How can Pillaiyar be Pillaiyar without that distinctive 'thoppai'? A slim Ganesha???? With 6-pack abs?

Anyways, a happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to you all. And the Ganesha I know and love at home still has his paunch intact.

1 September 2008


Why, why, why? To eat or not to eat, that is the question.

I am only human and like all humans want to impress the top boss on the rare occasions when I do see him. Today I did see him, he came down to my floor. And what’s more, he came to talk specifically to me. And what was I doing when he came? I was in the process of shoving a large spoonful of smelly rice into my mouth. Very edifying spectacle. I am sure he went away completely impressed.

Why, why why? Why couldn’t I be talking impressively on the phone, or typing an official email or organising some meeting or making a clever joke when he came? Of course, since I am eating most of the time I am at work, maybe that is to be expected;-( I am depressed. I am off to eat some more comfort foods (chocolate).

Theratti paal in ten minutes

Fancy home-made theratti paal in 10 minutes flat? Then check this out.