28 January 2009

Cheating and more

Students, especially overseas students, sitting exams in some specific subjects here, have been caught cheating recently. All the students who were caught cheating were of Indian origin.

And the explanation that they and their trainers (incidentally, another Indian) could come up with was:
a) It’s part of the Indian culture
b) It’s an acceptable practice in India.


But then, why am I surprised? There was this wife-beater a few years ago here who tried to justify his 'habit' saying that it was a culturally acceptable practice in India.

And there was another man who tried to justify killing his wife. His reason? She was having an affair with a Pakistani man, ie, the enemy. So he was actually being patriotic by killing her.

And there was this guy in front of me in the Immigration office, asking if he could get his visa stamped in the NZ office itself instead of taking it back to India, as "India is bad, nothing works properly there and nothing gets done on time", he said in his pigdin English.


22 January 2009


In windy Wlg and battling severe jet lag and away-from-home and back-to-work blues! *sigh*

3 January 2009

Happy new year to y'all.

Have now travelled the length of the country and reached Chennai after a few days in Hyderabad.

Have travelled to Karur, Guruvayur and Tiruvannamalai.

Further travel awaits tomorrow - down further south. It has been so busy that I've barely had time to email, leave alone blog. Hence this hurried post.

Hope this turns out to be a peaceful and prosperous 2009.