30 May 2006

Desi view

I see a little bit of India daily on TV.
No, not in the news, unless 500 people have died in a train accident or there has been a tsunami.
But during the ad breaks on news time.
I see our own Ash in the L'Oreal ad.
And I see Richard Gere in Rajasthan, in the VISA ad.
Three cheers to globalisation, to the power of people - the power of a billion (give or take a few million).

24 May 2006

While the Muse is still alive and kicking
and while the good ol' brain is also doing its stuff
with many, far too many ideas/incidents to write about
It's the clock that's my bane!

I can, at this stage, only envy and admire those who blog so regularly.
Unfortunately for me, I don't have the time to imitate them.
And nor do I have the inclination to work on 'making' some time.

1 May 2006

Lost marbles...

When do you know that your work-life balance has tilted in favour of work?

When you wake up at 3 am and remember something you didn't complete at work. But that's not it. It's when instead of cursing yourself for having been woken up by that, you think, I have to remember to go and finish it up at work today!!

You'll know then that you've lost it ...your marbles, that is! And that's my excuse for not putting up a post for so long - work is so intense and full-on (and from the looks of it, will be for all of this month, at least) that I plead guilty to the temporary insanity of 51% work and 49% life. Still only a borderline case.....