30 July 2008

Saw Mamma Mia last night. Strongly recommended (by me) as feel-good chick flick with stunning visuals (shot in Greece), gorgeous colour, plenty of eye candy (Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and lots of other young laddies), charged acting (Meryl Streep, Amanda whoever) and lots of old ABBA hits (it is a musical, after all). Only, Brosnan can't really sing but gets to do quite a lot of it. Firth can sing, but doesn't get to do a lot of it.

To read a complete review, click here.

Also recommended: Kung fu Panda. Yes, for adults too. Jack Black rox.

18 July 2008

That'll be the day

Abhi dancing like Ash? With his two left feet?

This I've gotta see.

But on second thoughts, considering how much it costs,it probably isn't worth it;-)Sour grapes?

3 July 2008