30 July 2010

Wellington winter day

Seagulls at Petone beach (right opposite my office building)

Petone pier

Eastbourne on the hills

Wellington CBD from across the bay

The ferry coming in from Picton

Loving it:-)

How can you not?

20 July 2010

At work.
Out of the blue, I am seized by a sudden and powerful longing to be back home, a violent wave of homesickness.
Why, after 11 years away?
Why, when I’ve just gotten back after a long holiday in India?
Why, when I am the object of envy among all my friends, not just for living abroad, but for living in clean and green NZ?
Why, when we have friends, a life and much more here?
Why, when even our family back in India says: “What are you coming back here for?”